Todd: Good News for Democrats, America Losing Religion

"The Age of Obama"

In the new age of politics, it's all about the religious "nones" -- those that the Pew Research Center says have no affiliation with any mainstream religious organization. They are atheists, agnostics, or have no devotion to any label in particular.

During a Nerdscreen segment on Sunday's Meet the Press, Chuck Todd explained why this news is good news for Democrats. "So, why is this good news for Democrats?" he asked. "Well, the religious 'nones' tend to be young and ideologically liberal."

The host then highlighted the demographic gap that has been widening amongst the religious and non-religious over the last seven years, "essentially in the Age of Obama," Todd remarked.

He stated that about a quarter of the population identify as "nones," which is on par with identifying Catholics. And even more surprising, the "none" category now ranks second in religious self-identification after "evangelical."

"Seven years ago, they ranked at the very bottom of this list," Todd added.

A chart appeared onscreen showing 50 years old as the median age for the population that follows a mainline religion. For the "nones," it's closer to 36 and dropping, according to research.  

In 2012, President Obama was reelected thanks in part to 70% of "nones" who cast their vote.

"The country gets less religious, it's bad news for Republicans," said Todd.

The "nones"category is one of two that is having a huge impact on American politics. The other, Todd mentioned, belongs to "non-whites."

See the report below via NBC News: