Sources: Democrat Sen. Schumer to Oppose Iran Deal

HuffPo: Schumer supporting "a war footing over diplomacy"

According to The Huffington Post, inside sources say that New York Sen. Chuck Schumer, the third highest-ranking Democrat in the Senate, will announce Friday his opposition to the Iran nuclear deal. 

The timing of the Senator's announcement is significant as it checks the potential momentum of two Senate Democrats' announcement of support and it allows some time for the high-ranking Democrat to make a push in the opposite direction: 

Schumer's move will come a day after New Hampshire Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen and Schumer's fellow New York senator, Kirstin [sic] Gillibrand, announced their support for the deal. That momentum is blunted by Schumer's pending announcement. Backers of the deal had hoped that if Schumer decided to oppose the deal, he would hold off until the last minute.

The Huffington Post notes that Schumer's "sizable" Jewish constituency has been deeply frustrated by his reluctance to take a position. Though the announcement will certainly be welcome, many worry that he's already failed to encourage fellow Democrats to block the deal. Last month, 10,000 protestors amassed in Times Square to express their opposition to the deal, with many chanting "Where is Chuck? Kill this deal!" 

Employing President Obama's key talking point, the left-leaning Huffington Post portrays Schumer's opposition to the deal as choosing "a war footing over diplomacy." HuffPo goes on to describe Schumer as "more hawkish on foreign policy than some of his fellow Democrats," and notes that he (like Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and many key Democrats) voted for the Authorization for the Use of Military Force in Iraq and even "backed John Bolton's nomination to serve as George W. Bush's ambassador to the United Nations" (insert gasp).​