Slate: Muslims More Accepting of LGBT than White Christians

They’re also more “mainstream." Just ignore all those suicide vests.

According to Slate columnist Ruth Graham, Muslims are way more tolerant of homosexuals than white Christians and have assimilated into the mainstream culture better, too.

“One of the most memorable motifs is [sic] the presidency of Donald Trump is the notion that Muslims are somehow incapable of assimilating into American culture,” Graham begins. “On at least one issue, however, recent surveys suggest Trump’s fears about assimilation are directed at the wrong group.”

Pew conducted a poll this year and asked Muslims if “homosexuality should be accepted by society.” Fifty-two percent said yes. That same question was asked last year to white evangelicals and just a little over a third agreed. Likewise, another Pew survey in 2014 showed 42% of Muslims supported same-sex marriage unlike evangelicals who came in at 28 percent.

“On the question of LGBTQ acceptance, in other words, American Muslims look much more like ‘mainstream’ America than white evangelicals do,” Graham concludes. “Which group looks like its values are approaching the American consensus, and which one looks like a population of ‘unassimilated’ religious extremists?”

“[W]hite evangelicals as a whole remain dramatically set apart from the culture on a question with major social, interpersonal, and political implications,” Graham adds. 

She concludes:

Meanwhile, American Muslims’ acceptance of homosexuality is striking for two reasons. First, it is growing with remarkable speed. A decade ago, just 27 percent of American Muslims said homosexuality should be accepted, while 61 percent said it should be discouraged. Today, the “accepters” outnumber the “discouragers” by almost 20 percentage points. And these numbers are also remarkable because of how dramatically American Muslims differ from the global Muslim population, which is overwhelmingly opposed to homosexuality. This kind of change is practically the textbook definition of “assimilation.”

Graham’s “big picture,” she says, is that acceptance of the LGBT community is now a “mainstream American value… despite our president’s flailing attempts to reignite the culture wars.” And in her view, Muslims have better adjusted to this shift in cultural tolerance than Christians have.

Christians bad, Muslims good. Got it?