Sally Kohn Won't Blame Islam for Terror, Bashes Christians Instead

"Homophobia is homophobia is homophobia is homophobia…"

Sally Kohn is on a repulsive, nonsensical tweet rampage against Christians in the wake of the Orlando terror attack perpetrated by an Islamic jihadist, because that just makes sense in her progressive little mind.

Kohn has a pinned tweet at the top of her page from a previous rant in 2014 that summarizes how she feels anytime a mass shooting occurs (except for when it's weekly gang violence):

But then she leads with this on Monday:

Followed by several defenses of Muslims:




And then it turned into a full attack on Christianity and homophobia, completely forgetting the facts of who actually is responsible for killing 50 Americans in Florida:




Kohn and her ilk are desperately writing a narrative that would say we have to worry about all religions, not just Islam. Only, that just so happens to be the one that wants to see America, Israel, Europe, et al, wiped from the map: