Sheriff Clarke: Blacks Can No Longer Claim Victim Status, Except to Democrats

Democrats "created this monster."

Speaking to Sean Hannity on Fox News Wednesday, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke nailed the coffin shut on blacks claiming victim status at the hands of society and suggested they place the blame squarely on the one source of their ills -- liberalism.

It is liberals and Democrats, Clarke said, who have "created this monster," constantly fed it, and now it has turned on them. 

Clarke calls the "Black Lives Matter" movement the "bastard child" of "Hands Up, Don't Shoot." And because both are built on lies, he said, he felt compelled to rename the movement, "Black Lies Matter." He said he did so because if blacks really cared about black lives, they would protest "all of the black-on-black crime" instead of police brutality. 

He added that the movement "was created to mobilize the black vote for the 2016 election." But with over a year to go, Clarke believes it, and all of its negativity, is completely spinning out of control.

Clarke told Hannity after discussing Hillary Clinton's testy exchange with a "Black Lives Matter" protester:

Well, Hillary, meet Frankenstein. They created this monster, now they realize that, if you cannot continue to feed the beast, the beast will turn on you and eat you. And that’s what’s going on here. Sean, let’s take a look at this group, this Black Lives Matter, which I have renamed ‘Black Lies Matter,’ and the reason I have is because, this is the bastard child, as you know, of the ‘Hands up, don’t shoot.’ The whole thing is  built on a lie. The whole premise is built on a lie. But it’s a conglomeration of misfits, alright. You have the Occupy movement, you have organized labor in on it now, you have criminals, you have black racialists, you have cop-haters, and anarchists have now formed together this full movement, if you will. No longer in the United States -- and I think that I’m living proof of that -- no longer can blacks as a whole claim victim status, except for one situation: They are victims to the Democrat Party in the United States of America, and what modern liberalism has done to the black family.