Second Amendment Racist, Says Daily Beast

Calls on Obama to seize guns

The Second Amendment is racist and President Barack Obama should be seizing guns, according to a writer for the far-left Daily Beast.

Writing in reaction to President Obama's executive action on gun control this week, Barrett Holmes, "a politics and race-and-culture journalist," called for Obama to begin seizing privately owned guns.

That wasn't all Holmes had to say about the Constitutionally-protected right to bear arms; he also called it racist and archaic.

Right now the Second Amendment is being applied in a way that takes away the rights of thousands of Americans each year. The president must address this crisis, and not only to ensure the safety and stability of the American citizens who are threatened by gun violence. He also must do it to preserve the ideals and institutions that govern our society that are being threatened by the archaic notions of stability from a racist and oppressive society and the unregulated militias of today that openly advocate armed conflict against the government.

Holmes is of the view, popular among "progressives" that the Second Amendment was intended by the founders to allow for government run militias. According to Holmes, the Supreme Court has it all wrong on the second amendment and private gun ownership, twisting the true intent of the founders.

The intent of the Second Amendment had shifted from allowing citizens to own firearms so that they could band together in an organized and regulated militia run by either local, state, or federal governments to allowing citizens to own guns for their own purposes so long as they fell under the individual’s definition of self-defense.  

In the view of Holmes, private gun ownership doesn't protect the rights of Americans - it is a threat to the rights of Americans.