Scarborough Dubs Reporters Number-One ‘Heroes’ of Trump Era

That’s as mystifying as his music video seen below.

Reporters will go down in history as heroes for their work during the Trump administration, says MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough.

The Morning Joe host replied to a Twitter poll by NBC News’s Mark Halperin who asked for the “3 biggest heroes of the Trump Era?” Scarborough replied:

Yeah, sure, "no particular order," but go ahead and give reporters top billing.

Nine minutes later, Scarborough was still thinking about the query and doubled down, giving high praise to The New York Times and The Washington Post for being the best of the bunch. But you know, "no particular order:"

(We're also pretty sure he thinks of himself as a leader of the pack, too. He's not fooling anyone.)

And though several Twitter users answered Halperin’s poll with “reporters,” Scarborough received a deluge of mockery for putting them in the top slot, as Breitbart noted:





And as always, our personal favorite response to just about everything fake news: