Samantha Bee Creates Haunted House Based on Climate Change

Are we really being lectured about science from a comedian?

Samantha Bee, who claims to be a comedian and has a show on TBS under that premise, has created a haunted house based on the concept of climate change. Filmed at the Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia for her show's Halloween special, the haunted house took visitors through a world 50 years in the future in which climate change has gone unchecked. The world is ruined! It's too late! 

You'll notice this isn't any old haunted house, it's actually based on the concept of "hell houses," which are put on by certain Christian churches to scare sinners into repentance — as if we needed more proof that climate change zealotry is a religion and Al Gore its messiah. If this wasn't politicized enough, Bee's scare tactics include giant photos of Eric Trump and Donald Trump, Jr. How clever.

The scene inside the scare house is set in the not-too-distant future, when our only source of nutrition will be cockroaches; ancient plagues have been released from melting ice caps and, for some reason, we're forced to listen to TED Talks by Al Gore — which makes death by plague sound like the better option. Bee took some climate change deniers through the house to see if anyone changed their minds, and one claimed that it worked. Imagine allowing what you believe to be changed by a haunted house built by an agenda-driven comedian. 

One thing didn't change in anyone's mind, though — Samantha Bee is not funny.