Salon Tries Trump-Free Tuesday

Donald Trump is living rent-free in the left's head, and they can't handle it.

President Trump is living rent-free in the left's head, and they need a break.

Leftist internet rag Salon, like the rest of the Progressive media, has been consumed with Donald Trump for two years now and they're sick of it. "This person is making our country sicker all the time," wrote Salon's editorial team Monday. "So we’re taking a break... June 27 will be Trump-Free Tuesday here on Salon."

"There are so many other things to talk about and think about, in politics, culture or our daily lives," the editors argued. Very true, although we suspect the things Salon wants to talk and think about are not the things right-thinking Americans want to talk and think about: gender confusion, for example, or the upside of socialism perhaps, or the coming climate change devastation.

Anyway, the left has obsessed over Trump for two years now, and Salon wants to take "a baby step" toward healing their collective psyche. So Salon promised that on Tuesday, June 27, it would not publish Trump's name or likeness, or "cover his outrageous Twitter utterances or deride his surrogates for whatever stupid things they may or may not say on television."

Salon's editors said this respite from their own obsession would be a one-day experiment, and if readers respond favorably, it could become a regular thing. But they acknowledge that "public fascination with [Trump's] words, deeds and actions has barely ebbed since Election Day or Inauguration Day, if it has ebbed at all. His name and face remain surefire clickbait, for our site and virtually everyone else’s."

That is likely to remain the case for as long as Trump is in the White House -- in other words, for the next seven years.