Sally Kohn: We Shouldn't Bomb ISIS Because That's What They Want Us To Do -- And The Bible Tells Us Not To

"Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good" -Romans 12:21

One of the self-described "leading progressive voices in America," CNN commentator and DailyBeast columnist Sally Kohn, thinks we shouldn’t bomb ISIS because “that’s the exact reaction ISIS wants”—and, besides, the Bible tells us not to.

Kohn laid out her reasons not to respond to ISIS via airstrike Monday morning in an online exchange with Townhall editor Katie Pavlich (who took a jab at President Obama the night before by tweeting, “At this point, Christians being exterminated in Middle East & Africa could use some Crusaders to beat back the scourge of Islamic extremism”).

Here’s the exchange:

Kohn: So that means bombs, huh? RT @PoliticsofJon: "Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good" - Romans 12:21

Pavlich: Yes @sallykohn, bombing terrorists who behead and burn people alive is good.

Kohn: @KatiePavlich and what do you do with the obvious fact that that’s the exact reaction ISIS wants — that we’re taking their bait?

Pavlich: ISIS *wants* to be bombed? Interesting @sallykohn

Kohn: They are systematically goading countries into attacking them.

Pavlich: This used to be called "war" @sallykohn

Kohn: US, Britain, Jordan, Egypt… ISIS goads world into war and world complies. Bother anyone that we’re doing exactly what ISIS wants?

Redstate editor Ben Howe also weighed in, writing, “we don’t avoid dealing with imminent danger just because our enemies are suicidal psychopaths.”

“I never understood how the world stood by while hitler was able to murder millions,” replied one Twitter follower. “Now I get it.”









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