Sally Kohn: Distrust of Hillary Clinton Right-Wing's Fault

"This is a narrative that has been built up about Hillary Clinton."

Speaking on CNN's Carol Costello Monday, leftist Sally Kohn suggested that Democrats suddenly don't like Hillary Clinton because they've bought into right-wing lies against her. 

Kohn rallied to Clinton's defense when Costello mentioned that only 12 percent of voters in Nevada found Hillary trustworthy, and Kohn replied as follows: 

This is a story. This is a narrative that has been built up about Hillary Clinton. Largely by the right, absorbed by Democrats and the mainstream, including her critics and repeated by the media. And you know, listen, People believe Trump tells it like it is because they keep hearing from people like us that Trump tells it like it is, right? You know, we have to be careful in not sort of repeating these smears.

Costello fired back at Kohn, saying that voters may be on to something with distrusting Clinton, because it goes beyond mere rhetoric. She said:

Yeah, but there are tangible things out there, that independent voters and moderates think about like the e-mail controversy, like even Whitewater. That's hanging out there in the wind, right? 

Kohn rejected Costello's assertions, saying voters care more about their future than a candidate's past. 

American people in general are frustrated that the recovery from the Great Recession has been going disproportionately to the very wealthy and not to the working class and to the poor. I think people are frustrated at the direction of foreign policy, people are frustrated, certainly that we haven't fixed environmental crises and other challenges in this county.