Sally Kohn: Trump Will Institute Internment Camps a-la Nazi Germany

Here we go again.

I get it -- outrageous statements do wonders for a particular program or pundit's ratings -- but Sally Kohn's latest hyperbolic rant is an example of what we need less of, not more of, on both sides of the political fence if we wish to reverse the dumbing-down of society. 

Truly. No intellectual rigor at all is needed to scream "racist!" or invoke Nazi-comparisons to Donald Trump and spook voters into thinking he might actually institute "internment camps."  It's easy fodder. And, that's precisely why it was Kohn's attack of choice during CNN interviews on both Wednesday and Sunday night. 

On Wednesday, Kohn said that Democrats would come out en-force if Trump became the GOP nominee for the express purpose of "stopping us from being Nazi Germany."

Kohn's alarmist rhetoric continued Sunday when she complained about the media attention the GOP frontrunner is receiving and foretold of land where Trump will institute internment camps and suspend habeas corpus: 

"So a fine line between covering a candidate and amplifying a candidate, and, I'm sorry, but, yes, Donald Trump may be the Republican frontrunner. I still think we're giving him way too much attention in proportion to the other candidates who also had victories to celebrate tonight."

"And I'm worried. When he institutes internment camps and suspends habeas, we'll all look back and feel pretty bad."

No. We will look back and feel bad that we lived in a time where feigned hysteria -- on both right and left -- trumped substance -- and in which critical thinking died.  




(h/t: Newsbusters

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