Ronan Farrow To Jon Stewart: 'Your Tirades are Exactly What Cable News Needs'

"I learned a lot watching your show."

On Thursday, Ronan Farrow of MSNBC appeared on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart to discuss his upcoming news show Ronan Farrow Daily launching next week. Farrow praised Stewart for teaching him the "correct" way to do cable news.

The exchange between the two media personalities began with Stewart questioning Farrow about how he learned to do cable news and what direction he'd take his show:

Stewart: Now the show itself, have you watched a lot of cable news and thought...'Oh, yeah, I could get people to fight in front of me. I could do that,' or do you think maybe you want to take it in a slightly different direction.

Farrow: I've said this to you before, but your tirades against cable news are exactly what cable news needs.

Stewart: Well that's very kind of you to say. The nice thing is how well they've listened, they've really toned their acts down.

Farrow: Right, it's just quality unbiased reporting all the time. I think there are definitely some bright spots. There are some examples I have learned a lot from, because I'm going into this not knowing how to do cable news at all. Actually, I learned a lot watching your show.

Stewart: Lord help you!

Farrow: Even though it's in a comedy context and I'm doing a news show on a serious news network...

Immediately after Farrow called MSNBC a "serious network," an audience member busted out laughing, though Farrow and Stewart interpreted it as a riff on using The Daily Show for inspiration. Nonetheless, Farrow finished saying his vision for the show is to "mobilize people" and give them a "call to action." By saying "people," Farrow irrevocably means leftist people.