Rand Paul: TV Networks Helping Trump

Says non-stop coverage boosts poll numbers

Republican presidential hopeful Rand Paul had a simple answer for Wolf Blitzer when asked why Donald Trump's poll numbers are surging: TV works. Paul told the CNN host that any candidate getting nonstop coverage on the networks would see a rise in the polls.

"If you would give some other candidates time from eight in the morning till eight at night, all day long every day for three weeks, I’m guessing some other candidates might rise as well," Paul said.  

The junior senator from Kentucky then said Americans should be looking at serious proposals like his.

So, for example, while some people are hearing about one candidate all the time, very few people know that I have offered a tax code where you can fill out your tax return on one page, fourteen and a half percent. So if I had a billion in advertising and every network going gaga over that, you know what, I think we could get ours to rise also.

Paul said there will be time for his proposals to be considered and said the Trump love affair is a "loss of sanity."

Asked by Blitzer if those supporting Trump were not sane, Paul replied,

No, I think what they are is hungry for someone who will tell the truth, who will say Washington is broken and that we really have to start over, have term limits, wash out the place, cleanse the place up here. Absolutely he is tapping into that vain. But the thing is we also have to have a serious discussion on how we are going to do it. And I think simply saying the Mexicans are going to pay for it — we’re not going to fix the national debt by asking the Mexicans to pay for it.

Paul said he is the only candidate with a plan to balance the budget in five years.