Race Hustler Shaun King Wants Trump Out, But Knows Nothing About the Constitution

Even a simple Google search could’ve told him he was wrong.

Shaun King, the Black Lives Matter leader who is white but pretends to be black, has very little knowledge about the Constitution. That’s evidenced by a series of recent tweets in which he asks how to oust President Trump. 

“A few serious, but wild questions,” King begins:

1. Could the people of the United States somehow hold a vote now, or in the next year, to oust Donald Trump? Like a recall of some sort.

2. What other ways exist for the American people to legally oust an unethical President? Impeachment only?

We have long since crossed a point where @RealDonaldTrump is so dishonest, so unethical, that it is truly dangerous for our democracy.

In laymen’s terms, what would it take for the USA to pass a constitutional amendment for a Presidential Recall like CA has for governor?

In laymen’s terms? Read the Constitution. It’s all there in the 25th Amendment: it takes an act of Congress to declare a president “mentally unfit” for office. At that point, Vice President Mike Pence would become president and that’s surely not to King’s liking, either. Which doesn’t matter because the next in line after Pence is other of Trump Cabinet members. So, sorry Shaun, not going to happen.

Here’s how HeatStreet responded:

The Founders, in their brilliance, designed the system of leadership, exactly this way: so that America—now a much larger country than most Parliamentary-style governments—wouldn’t be thrown into election every time someone got a bee in their bonnet about the President’s style.

Next time, try Google or Bing, Mr. King. You can find out a lot and not look so publicly ignorant on Twitter.