Professor Causes Campus Lockdown After Mistaking NERF Gun for Real Rifle

It’s not just the students who are easily triggered.

Leftist’s nerves are currently on a hair trigger. With the occasional campus shooting and the most recent mass shooting in Las Vegas, it’s not a bad thing for all of us to stay alert and to be aware of our surroundings. However, if you’re confusing a NERF gun — and we’re talking about an obvious, bright blue and orange, plastic toy — with a real gun, you might need to take some time off.

A professor at a community college in California, no less, sent the entire Las Positas College into a “shelter in place” lockdown after she thought she saw a student trying to conceal a rifle in his backpack. Livermore Police swarmed the campus and located the 20-year-old student in a classroom and discovered it was just a toy. The student told police that he was going to use it as a prop in another class later that day. Still, the student was handcuffed and removed from the class, but later released.

Here’s photographic proof that the media has misled non-gun people on firearms:

A police sergeant remained neutral in the situation, saying, “In this day and age, everybody has to kind of think about what they’re doing. There clearly was no intent to cause all this to happen. Somebody made a poor decision.”

Yes, we can think of one who did!

However, the school’s vice chancellor, Doug Horned, said the recent mass shooting has everyone on edge: “Perhaps on another day the employee would have just said that’s just a toy, but there is a heightened sense of awareness that any day, any time and anywhere, we could be in danger.”

Or in this case, there could've been an insanely fun NERF battle happening after class. At least that would've been a more logical conclusion.