Prof Calls Out Media Elite’s Contempt for Working-Class Whites

We saw it in the faces of hosts and pundits on election night.

The elitists in the media hold a clear bias against the white working class, says Frederick Lynch, a professor of government at Claremont McKenna College. After an op-ed in The New York Times derided academia and the media for ignoring the concerns of the white middle class who feel threatened by the Left’s “diversity machine,” Lynch spoke to The Poynter Institute and called out this “Harvard grads v. high school grads” class bias.

“A wave of new books and articles still invoke stereotypes trotted out on election night: Mr. Trump’s ‘angry white voters’ were motivated by racism, resentment, ‘whitelash,’ declining economic or social status, irrational fears of economic or demographic change, or all of the above,” Lynch wrote in his op-ed. “They are deluded, confused ‘Strangers in Their Own Land,’ as suggested by the title of a book by the sociologist Arlie Hochschild.”

“This thinly veiled scorn has inhibited deeper study of whether Mr. Trump’s white voters are responding to legitimate economic threats generated by what I have termed ‘the diversity machine,’” he added. “This powerful policy juggernaut has quietly and questionably blended together two trends that threaten working- and middle-class whites.”

Lynch explained that high levels of both legal and illegal immigration has hurt low-skilled and mostly white native-born Americans. However, one policy trend leftists will never criticize is affirmative action which has “intensified the antagonism” in the labor market.

In his talk with Poynter, Lynch stated, “I think much of the press has been very (politically correct) on affirmative action/diversity, immigration and the White middle and working-class. They think there are no downsides to these policies. There's an elite, class bias."

“What we've got here is class bias: Harvard grads v. high school grads."

Lynch pointed to examples of this class bias in various pieces around liberal media with headlines that screamed, “No Sympathy for the Hillbilly,” or writers referring to Trump’s victory as a result of “class rage and racial fury.” The professor said it’s quite clear that the “contempt for Trump-oriented middle- and working-class Whites remains strong” among the elites. In fact, he noted, it was all over the news anchors’ and pundits’ faces on election night as the shock settled in that Hillary Clinton actually lost.

“It was proof of being way out of touch,” said Lynch.

One thing Lynch observed with his op-ed was how quickly the NY Times buried his with another written by an African-American Studies professor at Emory who wrote on “The Policies of White Resentment,” which indubitably proved his point a hundredfold. The writer, Carol Anderson, opined that Trump’s MAGA slogan actually meant re-enslaving blacks and also taking voting rights away from women.

In the end, Lynch concluded, the “big divide in the U.S. is not left-right, but elites v. masses.”

Lynch has been speaking out on this issue for quite some time since writing a book in 1996 titled, The Diversity Machine: The Drive to Change the White Male Workplace.

H/T Daily Caller