Priest Handles Getting Spat On At Gay Parade With Grace

"The greatest evidence of authentic good the way we treat people with whom we passionately disagree."

Father Jonathan Morris of Our Lady of Mt Carmel in the Bronx posted a rather refreshing response to being spat on by two participants of a Gay Pride celebration Sunday. 

Modeling the "authentic good will" he called for a few tweets earlier, Morris gave the two men the benefit of the doubt and underscored that their actions were not representative of most of the people participating in the parade:





Fr. Morris has been a commentator on religious issues on Fox News since 2005 and maintains an active Twitter account, posting on national and local issues, including the Supreme Court's same-sex marriage ruling Friday and the shooting in a historic black church in Charleston by a white supremacist. A few examples: 

On same-sex marriage decision:





On Charleston and the Confederate flag: 




H/t The Right Scoop.