Pope Francis: Transgender Indoctrination 'Terrible'

"We are living a moment of annihilation of man as image of God."

The left's love-hate relationship with Pope Francis continued this week when the Vatican released a transcript of the Roman pontiff expressing dismay to fellow bishops over the transgender indoctrination of children. 

"Today, in schools they are teaching this to children -- to children! -- that everyone can choose their gender," Pope Francis said behind closed doors. "We are living a moment of annihilation of man as image of God."

Calling this a "terrible" phenomenon, Pope Francis attributed this indoctrination to textbooks supplied by "persons and institutions who donate money." The Roman Pontiff has continuously referred to this agenda from "very influential countries" as an "ideological colonization," which targets places like Africa and Eastern Europe.

LGBTQ groups lobbying the Catholic Church to change their position on these social matters have expressed deep disappointment over the Pope's comments.

"Once again, the pope is demonstrating a lamentable and dangerous ignorance of a subject that is literally a matter of life and death to some people," DignityUSA Executive Director Marianne Duddy-Burke said in a statement. "What Pope Francis says today could have serious repercussions for people all across the globe, especially in countries that are basing transphobic policies on the idea that the concept of transgender identity is a Western import. It is irresponsible of him to say such things without taking into account the fact that people's lives are literally at stake."

Eliel Cruz, Executive Director of Faith in America, called the Pontiff's comments "naive" and ignorant. 

"It is incredibly naïve Pope Francis believes the image of God is anything close to binary," Cruz said. "In believing that God is only represented in male or female, Pope Francis is effectively eliminating the diversity and complexity of the image of God."