Pope Denounces Capitalism and Colonialism

Love of money is "the devil's excrement"

In a critical speech against money Thursday, Pope Francis said a capitalistic pursuit of money is "the devil's excrement" and is antithetical to the "sacred rights" of the poor having jobs, shelter, and land. 

Colonialism, old and new, which reduces the poor to mere suppliers of raw materials and cheap labor, generates violence, poverty, forced migration and all the evils that we can see. This led to inequity and violence that no police, military or intelligence services can stop.

Human beings and nature must not be at the service of money. We say 'no' to an economy of exclusion and inequity where money dominates instead of serving. This economy kills. This economy is exclusionary. This plan destroys Mother Earth.

The pope also reiterated his call for climate action and fighting the "destruction of nature," along with his message against "profit at any price." He also spoke out against colonialism and asked for forgiveness for how the Roman Catholic Church treated native Americans in its "so-called conquest of America."

The speech was made in Bolivia. Prior to Pope Francis's speech, leftist Bolivian President Evo Morales spoke while wearing a jacket displaying an image of the Communist revolutionary icon Che Guevara.


Image: AFP/Getty