Piers Morgan to Obama: Your Team Lost, Get Over it

For once, Piers gets something mostly right.

Writing for the UK Daily Mail, liberal TV broadcaster Piers Morgan has some unexpected advice for President Obama, who has "spent the past few weeks charging around like a guy who’s watching the clock tick down and is desperate to snatch some semblance of victory from the jaws of a crushing, humiliating defeat" -- show some dignity and accept that your side lost the election.

Piers notes that since the election, Obama has done more governing than he’s done in the last eight years: banning oil drilling off the Atlantic coast, naming over 100 people to a range of senior government jobs, creating new environmental monuments, commuting the sentences of 232 inmates and pardoning 78 others, protecting funding for Planned Parenthood clinics, ordering the transfer of detainees from Guantanamo, and blocking new Israeli settlements -- not to mention ejecting Russian diplomats in retaliation for what Obama claims was Russia's influence on the presidential election.

As to that final point, Piers writes, "The fact Obama produced no hard evidence to substantiate this very serious claim didn’t seem to matter to the former constitutional law expert. Nor did it seem to cross his mind that the really damaging part was the content of Hillary and her team’s explosive emails, not the fact we could all read them."

"Donald Trump didn’t win the presidency because of Russia, emails, FBI Director James Comey or the weather in Michigan," Morgan continues. "He won because, according to reputable polls before the November 8 vote, 70% of Americans felt their country was going in the wrong direction. There can be few more damning denunciations of an 8-year White House tenure than two-thirds of the country saying they believe the USA is going backwards, not forwards."

He declares that Obama’s mantra of "Yes. We. Can!" "turned out to be more ‘No. We. Can’t,’" and sneers at adviser Valerie Jarrett's claim which "had people choking on their cornflakes" that Obama’s tenure was devoid of any scandal. "Oh, he’s kept his trousers up and hasn’t taken any of the illegal drugs he loved as a teenager," Morgan says of the President, but then lists "the Benghazi fiasco," "the IRS shambles," "the Obamacare disintegration," "the shameful broken promises to the Sandy Hook families about new gun laws," and "the failure to stop Putin and Assad’s monstrous behaviour in Syria as examples of scandals, then finishes by saying "there genuinely isn’t enough room in one column to cite all the things that have happened on Obama’s watch that could constitute a ‘scandal.’" extraordinarily magnanimous towards Obama himself during their transition period.

Piers goes on to praise George W. Bush as "one of the most generous and solicitous outgoing presidents in history... Obama, by contrast, seems intent on making the transition to a Trump administration as poisonous and unhelpful as he possibly can."

The reason, Piers observes, is that Obama knows Trump will "potentially wreck his legacy... Obama’s messianic halo has crumbled, revealing just another politician who thought he could change the world and ended up changing not very much at all... We know it, he knows it, and this election result proved it."

"It’s too late, Mr President," Piers concludes. "The game’s over. Your team lost. So get over it and start behaving with some of the damn dignity that your aides keep bragging about."

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