Pelosi Saturates Media with Appearances While DNC Unsure About Her Leadership

Pelosi who?

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has been in the game a long time and more and more, it seems like her age is getting the best of her abilities to function properly. That she seems out of touch is starting to be recognized by members of her own party, despite the fact that she has saturated herself in the media; perhaps holding on to her job for dear life.

As The Daily Caller reported, Pelosi has been given more airtime at CNN in 2017 than even some of the network’s paid contributors. So far, she’s had four prime-time specials both lasting an hour, not to mention other daily coverage. Pelosi has been in The Washington Post chiding Republicans and bragging about her accomplishments, too:

“Even though they had the signature and two majorities, we ate their lunch,” Pelosi boasted in one of her interviews with The Post on Sunday. “That’s what we do.”

Pelosi isn’t shy about her success, bragging to The Post that she is a “master legislator.”

“I am a master legislator. I just love it,” Pelosi said. “I consider myself a weaver, like I have a loom. And I bring all these different threads together.”

But what does it say when your name isn’t fresh on the lips of other top leaders in the party? DNC Vice Chair Keith Ellison took his time before mentioning Pelosi when an MSNBC anchor asked, “Who is the leader of the Democratic Party?” And that was after playing a clip from Sen. Clair McCaskill (D-MO) also forgetting about Pelosi: “We have lots of folks who are leaders and want to be leaders. I think it’s hard to say, ‘Who is the leader?’ And there’s a lot of angst about that.”

Ellison echoed those sentiments, saying, “We’re lucky to have a lot of leaders!” The first person he mentioned before Pelosi was a woman running for mayor in Charlotte: “I’d say she’s a leader.” This was even too amazing to get past biased MSNBC, which pushed back: “You’re saying ‘a leader,' though, you’re not saying “the leader.”

“Is there anybody that stands out?” the female anchor pressed.

Finally, Ellison utters Pelosi, followed by Chuck Schumer and explains that there’s too many great “leaders” in the party to be condensed down to a single leader. Way to cover your rear end, congressman. Here's the video:



Photo credit: vpickering via / CC BY-NC-ND