Pelosi to Dems: 'Embrace the Suck'

Nancy Pelosi had a curious reaction to the budget deal made with Republicans today. She instructed her fellow Democratic leaders to "embrace the suck."

Appearing on CNN's The Lead with Jake Tapper, she was suddenly reluctant to say it on camera. Pelosi explained the origins of this phrase to Tapper, citing former congressman Patrick Murphy, who was the head of a unit in the Iraq war. He explained to Pelosi that conditions in Iraq were quite unfavorable - heavy backpacks, very high temperatures, lack of showers - and so all you could do was just "embrace the suck." Pelosi invoked this phrase to liken his experience with the budget deal reached with Republicans. 

While Pelosi's curious command might be new to Democrats, the suggestion comes quite easily for Republicans, as they've been embracing the suck for years.