O'Reilly on Putin: 'This Thug is Not Gonna Stop'

"The North Koreans, Chinese, Syrians and Iranians will kill anybody."

On Tuesday's "Talking Points Memo," Bill O'Reilly warned that Russia's aggressive moves in Crimea would have consequences far beyond its borders. While Americans were obsessed with a missing jetliner in Asia, we are ignoring a real danger that confronts this country.

Describing the power vacuum left behind by Obama's soft power policies, O'Reilly said, "The North Koreans, Chinese, Syrians and Iranians will kill anybody without remorse."

"Putin is willing to take some economic pain to conquer territory, and believe me, this thug is not gonna stop," he predicted, adding, "Putin understands that Western democracies are debt-ridden and selfish."

O'Reilly argued that Putin's example of attacking a weak country would inevitably lead to additional foreign policy crises by encouraging other "bad people" including North Korea, Iran and China.

"North Korea will likely get more aggressive toward South Korea," O'Reilly forecast. "The Syrian butcher Assad will most likely regain control of that country...  China will most likely seize a small island chain currently governed by Japan... Iran will most likely ramp up its nuclear weapons activity."

"Obama tried a soft power policy, and it has failed dismally,” O'Reilly concluded.