O'Reilly: Benghazi Won't Hurt Obama Without a Whistleblower

"Did Obama himself come up with the false narrative?"

On Monday's "Talking Points Memo," Bill O'Reilly returned from his vacation and commented on recent news stories including Benghazi.

"We know pretty much what happened," the O'Reilly Factor host said of Benghazi. "What we don't know is if President Obama was directly involved and that will be tough to nail down."

O'Reilly insisted that Hillary was not to blame for the lack of security prior to the attack since the matter was below her pay grade, but said that after the attack she should have told the truth about what happened instead of blaming a YouTube video.

"The key question is did Obama himself come up with the false narrative?" he asked.

O'Reilly compared Benghazigate to Watergate and said that question would never be answered without a White House whistleblower, a contemporary John Dean. "Unless a White House insider comes forward, the president will not be affected."

"Supporters of the president simply do not want to know," he concluded.