One-Percenter Elizabeth Warren ‘Troubled’ by Obama’s $400K Speech Fee

Grab the popcorn and watch the Left turn on its own.

Millionaire Barack Obama is the $400,000 man when it comes to speaking fees. He landed not one, but two 400K speeches: One coming up in September with the super evil Wall Street investment bank Cantor Fitzgerald, and one already in the bank from Thursday for a 90-minute sit-down interview with A&E. Can somebody say cha-ching?

Fellow millionaire (at least eight times over) Sen. Elizabeth Warren confessed she was quite troubled by her friend accepting that amount of money and said so on her book promotion tour, stopping by the SiriusXM show Alter Family Politics:

“Well, I was troubled by that. One of the things I talk about in the book is the influence of money. I describe it as a, you know, a snake that slithers through Washington and that it shows up in so many different ways here in Washington.”

The senator goes on to complain about how lobbyists profit off of Washington and other money-hungry leeches looking to cash in on politics:

“The money that goes into hiring lobbyists, but it’s also the money that goes into bought-and-paid-for experts, the money that goes into think tanks that have theses shadowy funders. And the think tanks always come up with the things the shadowy funders want them to come up with. Even advertising – I talk about the studies that show that when an industry takes out ads, it changes news coverage. I even talk about the United States Supreme Court and how much more pro-corporate it is becoming because of money that’s being spent in Washington.”

“The influence of dollars on this place is what scares me,” Warren added. “I think it ultimately threatens democracy.”

But the interview turned quite ironic when Warren spoke of herself as one of us that has to fight the money in Washington… while selling her book, of course:

“One of the reasons I feel so urgent when I wrote this book is, we have to think about what the tools are to fight back against it. And, yeah, we go out and we raise money as best we can, but it’s a money versus money war. Believe me, the rich will always win that one.

“What I’m pushing for, and what I keep talking about in this book, is the rich and powerful, they got money and they got power. That’s the definition. But you know, there’s more of us than there is of them. And we’ve got to use our voices and our votes and fight back.”

Spoken like a true blue-collar woman.

Later in the interview, as Mediaite points out, Warren was informed that her book, This Fight is our Fight: The Battle to Save America’s Middle Class, reached the No. 1 slot on The New York Times Best Seller list, knocking out Bill O’Reilly from the coveted spot.

“Oh, sweet!” Warren declared. “Sweet! Oh, you just made my morning!”

That’ll be a pretty nice payday for you, won’t it, Sen. Warren? Not that you’re into that kind of thing.

Below is a clip from her interview:


Photo credit: DonkeyHotey via / CC BY