Ohio Gov. Kasich’s Website Hacked with Pro-ISIS Message

“Wake up freedom-loving Americans. Radical Islam infiltrating the heartland.”

On Sunday, ten state websites in Ohio, including Republican Gov. John Kasich’s, were hacked with a pro-ISIS message. Two servers were hit, as well.

According to Bloomberg Politics, the Ohio Department of Administrative Services is investigating along with law enforcement to find out how the systems were hacked. On Sunday afternoon, the governor’s website wasn’t loading and instead showed the message, seen above:

Hacked by Team System DZ

“You will be held accountable Trump, you and all your people for every drop of blood flowing in Muslim countries.

“I Love Islamic state.

Music played over the above message. 

Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel wrote on Facebook that the Department of Rehabilitation and Correction website was another that was affected.

“Wake up freedom-loving Americans. Radical Islam infiltrating the heartland,” Mandel stated.

It didn't happen only in Ohio, either. The website for the town of Brookhaven in Long Island was also hacked with the exact same message.

This last weekend marked the end of the Islamic fast of Ramadan. Coincidence?