NYT Reporter Saw Antifa Beating Supremacists, But It Wasn’t ‘Hate-Filled’

Right, because beating somebody with a club is a loving gesture.

A New York Times reporter said she saw a very violent Left in Charlottesville as they swung clubs and beat the white nationalists marching in the streets. Her assessment, like President Trump’s, was that both sides bear equal blame. And also like Trump’s remarks, that didn’t sit well with some.

Sheryl Gay Stolberg posted on Twitter some thoughts on what she saw that day, specifically noting that, “The hard left seemed as hate-filled as alt-right:”



Stolberg received pushback online that she was making a false equivalency between the Antifa and white nationalists and was urged not to fall into the same trap as Trump and his supporters:

That’s all it took for her to issue a correction, or better, tap out in submission:


But by that point, it was already to late for backpeddling. Stolberg was told she was “normalizing Nazis” and was branded a “white moderate:”


So, here we have a NY Times reporter doing her job and actually reporting facts, only to be pounded into submission when the truth rubbed the Left the wrong way. Shameful all the way around.

H/T James Barrett