No Apology From Colonial Williamsburg for 9/11 Footage in Ad

"Forgetting is not an option! Knowledge of history = civic responsibility."

The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation ran its first-ever Super Bowl ad last night. It proved to be highly patriotic to some and highly offensive to others:



Did you catch the great offense? (Hint: the Twin Towers)

Nowadays, because everyone is outraged at everything and has a mobile device of some kind, social media scorn quickly erupted online, damning the Foundation for daring to show the Islamic terrorist attacks of 9/11. 

But despite the backlash, Colonial Williamsburg, with all of the virtue imbued by the Founding Fathers, is standing behind the ad's message which celebrates American history and its place in education for future generations.

CW responded to criticisms on Facebook in the comments section:

We are aware that including scenes from the World Trade Center attacks is powerful and subject to debate. But American history is full of tragedies as well as triumphs. The whole of our experience makes us who we are today. That’s the story we need to tell, whether it is about slavery or an attack upon our homeland. The real story.



Our #SuperBowl commercial just aired!! Whether it's been two weeks or twenty years since you strolled down DoG Street,...

Posted by Colonial Williamsburg on Sunday, February 7, 2016




On Twitter as well:





So, whether you're applauding the historic strength and determination of the United States, or acknowledging the scientific fact that a baby inside a mommy's belly is in fact a human, you can bet a liberal is brooding with outrage somewhere -- thumbs bravely poised above the on-screen keyboard.