Pro-Abortion Group Has Melt Down Over Doritos Super Bowl Ad: It Humanizes Fetuses

The group's also mad about the Hyundai ad and Snickers ad, too.


Only humorless progressives could twist anything -- including an innocent commercial for corn chips -- into a vicious political statement. The kill-joys over at the pro-abortion group, NARAL Pro-Choice America, were up in arms over the popular Super Bowl ad for Doritos (featured above) because apparently it "humanizes" fetuses. 


​Yes. The group actually posted that comment to its official Twitter feed. Progressives have, once again, proven what a dour, nasty lot it truly is. It's safe to assume that the last thing on any sane person's mind watching that commercial was whether Doritos was pushing a pro-life message and not just corn-chips in its Super Bowl ad.

What's more, there's no need for executives at an advertising agency to conjure up the illusion of humanity -- a fetus is actually already human. We're sorry this biological fact enrages the pro-abortion camp at NARAL. 

NARAL did not just reserve its ire for Doritos though. Whoever posted comments to its Twitter feed Sunday evening definitely had a chip on his or her shoulder about a number of other Super Bowl ads, including those for Hyundai and Snickers. 




We cannot see how an activist for any cause could think that they would win over hearts and minds with such a warped worldview. And based on the backlash NARAL received on social media over its absurd tweets, it isn't.