Muslim Group Urges Egypt to Ban Film Noah

On Thursday, The Jerusalem Post reported that Egyptian based Muslim group al-Azhar was urging the country to ban Paramount Pictures' upcoming epic film Noah, arguing the depictions of Allah's prophets and messengers violates Sharia law.

In a recently released statement titled, "al-Azhar prohibits the screening of a film that characterizes Noah,” the group declared the personification of biblical figures "contrary to faith" and in clear violation of Islamic and Sharia law. "Al-Azhar renews its rejection to the screening of any productions that characterizes Allah’s prophets and messengers and the companions of the Prophet [Mohammad],” said the group. "Therefore, al-Azhar announces the prohibition of the upcoming film about the Allah’s messenger Noah - peace be upon him."

Set for a release date of March 28, starring Russell Crowe, and Directed by Darren Aronofsky (Requiem for a Dream, Black Swan), the film has also been met with some hostility among Christians in the U.S. due to its alleged environmentalist themes.