MSNBC Tells Chris Matthews to 'Stop Talking' During Pro-Bernie Sanders Rant

Perhaps he was straying too far from the script.

Chris Matthews launched into a pro-Bernie Sanders rant this week on MSNBC and suddenly stopped mid-way to ask if he was supposed to "stop talking," saying he heard someone give the order over his earpiece.

Matthews began praising Sanders for always taking the side of "society" and offering plans to prevent college students from becoming "debtors for the first half of their adulthood." Then he started in on Wall Street, saying those rich fat cats need to give something back to society. Right at that moment, Matthews stumbled and asked:

Just a moment -- Am I supposed to stop talking?

His guest responds off camera, "No, please don't."

"Okay," Matthews continued. "Somebody just told me to."

He fumbled trying to get going again.

As Paul Joseph Watson noted in his story on this, MSNBC has a reputation for telling its host to not challenge the powers that be:

Former MSNBC host Cenk Uygur, who went on to front The Young Turks, had a popular show on the cable network but later resigned after he was told by MSNBC president Phil Griffin to tone down his rhetoric because “people in Washington” were concerned about Uygur being too combative towards “those in power.”

Uygur also revealed that he was ordered by MSNBC bosses not to warn the public about the danger posed by the meltdown at the Fukushima nuclear plant in 2011.

If nothing else, Matthews heard what most of us have wanted to say to him for years:

Yes, Chris, please stop talking.