Most Blatant Pro-Hillary Lies Yet as MSM Cites Oppressive Weather, Pantsuit for Collapse

Watch this video and behold proof that journalism is dead.

By now we are acutely aware of the mainstream media bias at play in favor of Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton. 

After video footage captured the candidate's "medical episode" on Sunday, we knew mainstream outlets would not report on the incident with gusto, but what you are about to witness (above) from MSNBC is beyond the pale -- even for hack "journalists."

The Washington Free Beacon compiled clips of MSNBC/NBC coverage of Hillary Clinton's collapse at the 9/11 memorial service Sunday. The video offers perhaps the most glaring proof of media bias yet.  

Citing the day's "horrific heat" and excessively "high humidity" (both of which are complete lies corroborated by actual science -- i.e. any run of the mill weather report), watch the lead anchor's extreme defensiveness as she repeatedly lies about the weather conditions, makes blanket statements about "overheating" as the cause of Hillary Clinton's collapse without using the words "allegedly" or "reportedly" (thus asserting to her audience that overheating is the unequivocal cause of the episode) and insists that Clinton's choice of pantsuits is the reason for said "overheat."

Just watch the clip above and behold the spectacle that is MSNBC "journalism."

For the record, below is Sunday's weather report for New York City. Clinton's episode happened mid-morning, when the temperature had still not even reached 80 degrees (most reports put the temperature during Clinton's time at the 9/11 memorial as falling between 77-79 degrees) and the humidity was far from oppressive. 

This is a far cry from the "horrific heat" and excessively "high humidity" cited by MSNBC and other mainstream outlets and Hillary apologists. For heaven's sake, leftists, we have something called weather reports! Facts about the day's weather are not exactly hard to corroborate. And anyway, we thought Democrats, of all people, weren't cave-dwelling "climate deniers."


Never mind though, right?  The truth matters not to Leftists who also conveniently left out the facts that: a) no one else at the 9/11 memorial was treated for overheating and that, quite frankly, healthy people do not overheat when the temperature hovers in the 70s; b) Hillary Clinton has worn the same type of outfit in much hotter climates (for instance like she did recently in Florida); c) Clinton is reportedly on Coumadin, a blood thinner, which would make her feel chilly even when the weather is hot; d) does "overheating" account for the other times Clinton has fallen including while boarding a plane in 2011, while climbing stairs in August, 2016, and of course the infamous fall in 2012 that caused her concussion and subsequent blood clot diagnosis; and e) the conflicting statements put out by the Clinton camp thus far on their candidate's health are legion:

First she had "allergies" and needed to "up her antihistamine load" to "break through" the alleged allergy.

Then she was "overheated." 

Then she was "dehydrated." 

Then she was "feeling great!"

Then it was revealed she was diagnosed with "pneumonia" the Friday prior... yet Clinton has suffered from her coughing fits since at least January, 2016: 

Perhaps all that coughing is what led her to "trip while entering a van." Yes, that's how pillar of journalistic integrity CNN reported Clinton's health scare:

...and then there's the Washington Post: 

Again, we expect the media to aid in covering up Clinton's recent health episode and to continue to dismiss legitimate questions about the candidate's health as "right wing conspiracy theory," but sometimes mainstream media top even themselves. 

In fact, nothing exemplifies today's moral rot better than the ease with which mainstream media lie and the degree to which its members deceive and spin. Media bias is one thing -- all outlets engage in it to some degree or other -- but the lies are so bald-faced, so egregious, and just plain insulting to the public's intelligence, that at this point we're not certain how some of these anchors can even look at themselves in the makeup mirror.