Melissa Harris-Perry Wishes Beyonce's 'Feminist' Sign Read 'Abortion'

"So I have been having these imaginings."

MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry sure loves abortion. Back in 2013, the news anchor wore a set of tampon earrings in honor of the deathly institution and now wishes pop-singer Beyoncé had replaced that giant "feminist" sign behind her during the VMA's with the word "abortion."

During an all female panel on her show Sunday, Harris-Perry shared some of her "fantasies" regarding Beyoncé's performance, hoping her sign had been a little more specific and a little less general.

"So I have been having these imaginings," Harris-Perry said, "Where, instead of behind her are these enormous letters that say ‘feminist,’ that she’d come out and it had said, ‘Hands up, don't shoot,' or it had said ‘birth control,' I mean – ‘abortion’ behind Beyonce.”

The panel unanimously agreed, nodding their heads with excited glee.

Despite Harris-Perry's nearly orgasmic passion about the thought, even she had to admit Beyoncé would "never sell any more records" had she erected such a sign. What a pity that would be.