Media Hall of Shame: Marc Lamont Hill is Confused on Who is a Terrorist

Attacks bikers, defends terror suspects

Editor's Note: This is another in a TruthRevolt series called the "Media Hall of Shame," in which we highlight the bias, hypocrisy, and incompetence of the mainstream media, one shameful figure at a time.

He's a celebrated media personality from CNN, HuffPost Live and host of BET News but Marc Lamont Hill has some pretty strange views on the news, especially when it comes to terrorism and Islam.

Hill has in the past declared that Islam receives no special treatment from the media and yet makes sure that Islam gets that very special treatment in his own media coverage.

Last weekend, Hill lashed out at those participating in the Draw Mohammed event in Phoenix before it had even happened:

"I remain saddened and sickened that yet another 'Draw Mohammed' event has been planned for Phoenix today. It is shameful," Hill tweeted hours before the event took place.

Moments later he went from merely disagreeing with those that would draw Islam's prophet to calling them terrorists:

"So a group of people are going to stand outside a mosque toting guns and wearing t-shirts that say 'F*** Islam.' How is this not terrorism?"

Hill has a track record of giving Islamic terrorists a pass while attacking those that disagree with his far-left views. 

Days after the terrorist attack on the offices of Charlie Hebdo for daring to publish drawings of Mohammed, Hill asked former president and anti-Israel activist Jimmy Carter about the spread of Islamophobia due to terrorist attacks.

This week a Boston man, reportedly under 24-hour surveillance by the Boston police and FBI, was shot after lunging at police with a knife. Hill retweeted a call to link the shooting of a terror suspect reportedly attacking police with a military-style survival knife to the Black Lives Matter campaign.

"Will #UsaamaRahim black life matter to the movement or will terrorism talk make folks silent? @marclamonthill @DawudWalid @TinyMuslimah"

The retweet shouldn't come as a surprise; Hill has long supported far-left revolutionary causes including publicly supporting former Black Liberation Army member and cop killer Assata Shakur: 

Hill has even written a book with another convicted cop killer, Mumia Abu-Jamal.

In 2010 Hill was released as a Fox News Contributor partly, it is believed, due to his radical views and associations with cop killers. So far, CNN, BET and Huffington Post see no problem with employing Hill or letting him espouse his radical views on their airwaves.