CNN, Newsweek, Etc. Try to Spin Planned Parenthood Video

The media circle the wagons.

In the wake of a sting video exposing a national Planned Parenthood leader discussing how the abortion mill harvests and sells the limbs and organs of aborted babies, the activist media began circling the wagons to protect their progressive pals. Let's look at a few examples, shall we?

Here is how Eugene Scott at "trusted news leader" CNN described what he called the "purported" video, which TruthRevolt covered here

The video seemingly shows a member of the conservative Manhattan Institute's Center for Medical Progress claiming to be a start-up biotech firm attempting to buy human fetal tissue for medical research... Planned Parenthood dismissed the video, calling it highly edited. [Emphasis added]

First, the video isn't "purported"; it's an actual video. Second, it doesn't "seemingly" show anything. It clearly shows Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s Senior Director of Medical Services, Dr. Deborah Nucatola casually discussing the targeted mutilation of fetuses in such a manner that limbs and organs are kept intact for later sale. Third, the phrase "highly edited," of course, implies that the video is a complete distortion of what was actually said. The original video is over 160 minutes long and is available for anyone to watch in its entirety here. It's clear that nothing in the shorter version was taken out of context in order to mislead viewers.

Laura Bassett at Huffington Post also stressed the "selectively edited" aspect, a tactic by which the leftist media attempt to divert attention from the actual content of the damning video.

Polly Mosendz at Newsweek, which long ago abandoned any shred of journalistic objectivity, leapt to defend Planned Parenthood, spending the first half of her article attempting to discredit the activist group behind the video, the Center for Medical Progress. She then stresses in her headline and article that "the video claims" to show Nucatola discussing Planned Parenthood's disgusting activity.

On the contrary, Nucatola convicts herself on camera. The video does not "claim" anything; it simply exposes her and Planned Parenthood, and the leftist media's blatant bias.