Mark Zuckerberg Sending Hundreds of Illegal Aliens to College


Illegal aliens are being awarded college scholarships by Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Millions of dollars are flowing to the scholarship program TheDream.US via his and his wife’s Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative.

The plan is to send 400 illegals to college by 2020 in the Bay Area. So far, 139 scholarships have been awarded. TheDream.US argues that “dreamers” need a little help to achieve success and gaining entrance to college is a way they won’t “waste talent,” says Tania Wilcox, TheDream’s director for college partnerships. With an education, illegals can “contribute to this community and this nation.”

San Jose State University President Mary Papazian agrees, saying undocumented students have a “real sense of drive and purpose… with just a little support, it’s really incredible what they can do.” Her school will receive over 40% of the scholarships this year, according to Breitbart

TheDream.US saw 9,000 applications started for its scholarship program and 3,000 completed. Program director Gaby Pacheco bragged on the applicants: “Even in the face of fear, even in the face of a lot of uncertainty, they just push forward.”

Breitbart notes how this isn’t the only opportunity for illegals to get money for college in the country:

Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, announced in May that they will fund 100% of financial aid packages for students that are in the country illegally, despite international students being expected to pay full tuition.

When Zuckerberg isn’t helping people continue to break the law, he’s scheming for ways to make the government give money to citizens under a “new social contract, universal basic income.” According to a CNBC report, Zuckerberg just returned from Alaska where he learned the state pools money from its oil revenue and gives it back to the people, which amounted to just over $1,000 “per eligible resident.” He said this should serve as “a lesson for the rest of the country as well.”

To recap: Zucky wants to use his money to help law breakers and tell you what is or isn't fake news. However, when it comes to the rest of the country, he isn't willing to "spread the wealth."

Photo credit: Andrew Feinberg via / CC BY