THROWBACK VIDEO: How the Government Turns Minorities Into Freeloaders

“It’s all welfare, it’s all a con.”

In this throwback video, John Stossel explains how the federal government turns minorities into freeloaders. In this case: Native Americans.

“No group in America have been ‘helped’ more by government than American Indians,” Stossel says.

They’ve been granted land, housing, healthcare, food stamps, schools, childcare and even burial assistance. But Barack Obama has said, “Few have been ignored by Washington for as long as Native Americans.”

Here’s the reality: with all of those government handouts, and countless others, the Indian population suffers from stunning poverty and joblessness. In fact, they boast the country’s highest poverty rate and lowest life expectancy. 

One Indian activist featured in the investigative report is Elizabeth Homer, a former director of American Indian Trust. She faults the government for neglecting Indians and offered the following solution: more handouts.

In contrast, other tribes don’t get government subsidies, and they’re thriving. Ben Chavis is a Lumbee tribe member and said his neighborhood looks quite different from other tribes. He said there are not casinos on their land, just nice homes and 12 banks. They receive nothing from the government because they are not recognized as a sovereign tribe. Incredibly, politicians in his district are trying to change that so they can get on the federal dole.

Chavis said his tribe is thriving because they’re working and are allowed to develop their land because they own it, unlike the land grants which prohibit such progress. Instead of becoming freeloaders, Chavis said his community had to become entrepreneurs.

“On the reservation, they haven’t been trained to be capitalists, they’ve been trained to be communists,” he said, adding, “It’s all welfare, it’s all a con.”

What's the not-so-shocking conclusion? The government is to blame.