Maddow: The Baltimore Police Are 'A Little Bit Out Of Control'

And She Tries To Get Sun Reporter Erica Green To Agree

On MSNBC's Rachel Maddow Show tonight, the host interviewed Erica Green of the Baltimore Sun, who has been all over the story of the riots. Green was there from the very beginning, and was the first reporter to describe the scene as "all out war" from her vantage point right on the ground in the middle of it. 

Green was there filming when an officer was struck in the head with what was likely a brick, drawing blood from his head and requiring his being rushed away for medical attention. After that happened, some of the officers picked up items that were being hurled at them and threw them back at the rioters. Which prompted this gem from Maddow.

"If they're picking up things that are being thrown at them and throwing them back, that implies to me, just as a lay observer, that the police feel .. that the police are a little bit out of control, or that they may not be using disciplined police tactics."

Maddow prompts Green for agreement, but the reporter doesn't buy in. She describes how the police showed extreme restraint even under the direct assault for "a very long time" during which they "didn't do anything", and that she "is not going to say that they're 'out of control'". 

Maddow joins CNN's Wolf Blitzer, who earlier today made an effort to paint a police officer driving fast on a street as an 'inappropriate" and "dangerous" situation. One can only assume Blitzer has never seen an emergency vehicle in use before. And perhaps Maddow has never seen cops who actually are out of control before. Which is surprising given the ample examples the media has provided in the last twelve months.