Los Angeles Archbishop: Abortion Not Equivalent to Social Justice

"Fundamental Injustice"

Just a little under two weeks after the Los Angeles March for Life, Catholic Archbishop Jose Gomez shed some light on some confusion Christians have regarding abortion, decrying all attempts by leftists to equate social justice issues with life issues.  

Speaking to a Hispanic Pro-Life Congress in Santa Ana, California, Gomez criticized the liberal position that abortion is equal to issues like welfare and food stamps, saying all Christians have the responsibility to defend life first. 

"In everything, we need to be clear that the root violence in our society is the violence against those who are not yet born and those who are at the end of their lives," the archbishop said.

"If the child in the womb has no right to be born, if the sick and the old have no right to be taken care of, then there is no solid foundation to defend anyone’s human rights."

Though the archbishop recognized there were other problems society faces, he put abortion at the forefront of the battle.

"The fundamental injustice in our society is the killing of innocent unborn life through abortion and the killing of the sick and defenseless through euthanasia and assisted suicide," he said.

"Abortion and euthanasia raise basic questions of human rights and social justice in our society: questions of what kind of society we are and what kind of people we want to be."

For two years, Archbishop Gomez has sponsored One Life LA, a pro-life event on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade.