Lester Holt: Trump Warning North Korea Like a Parent Threatening a Child

Yeah, and sometimes you gotta give them a good spanking.

NBC Nightly News anchor Lester Holt strayed from the norm on Thursday and compared President Trump to a parent instead of a child, but it wasn’t a compliment.

The media has been squirming ever since Trump told North Korea would feel the “fire and fury” of the United States if they carry out a military strike. And on Thursday, the media went into a full panic as the president doubled down and went one step further, saying his previous comment “maybe wasn’t tough enough.” 

Trump reassured Kim Jong-Un that if he tries anything with the U.S. or any country we are aligned with, “Things will happen to them like they never thought possible.”

Holt played the clip and said to foreign correspondent Andrea Mitchell before quickly cutting to other news, “Andrea, more threats. Any parent knows the thing about threats is you have to be willing to back them up.” 

You’re exactly right, Lester! Any good parent will warn their children not to do something wrong and will deliver the proper punishment when the rule is ignored. Tell us again how that’s a bad thing.

H/T Washington Free Beacon