Lena Dunham's 'Girls' Features Explicit Butt-Licking Scene

Unsatisfied to shock viewers with Lena Dunham's unapologetic nakedness last year, HBO's supposedly hit show Girls finally one-upped themselves Sunday night by explicitly showing actress Allison Williams, daughter of NBC's Brian Williams, receive a "rimjob" over the kitchen sink.

Allison Williams, who entertained many young children last year on NBC's Peter Pan Live, described filming the scene to Entertainment Weekly, calling the scene an "engineering achievement" due to all the prosthetics involved to get just the right look. The scene only lasted 7 seconds. Williams also said she "can't wait to see" the "ass motorboating scene," as it has been dubbed.

No need to go into explicit details of what it looked it like, but if one so dares to look, a gif of the "engineering achievement" can be viewed here.  

Vulture has since called the scene both "shocking" and "soon to be infamous" while MTV actually went as far to label it "intimate." Jezebel, however, disagreed with all of them, saying "the scene isn't shocking at all," because "butt-eating isn't particularly risqué ground anymore."