Lena Dunham Shuts Down ‘Today’ With One Word

You can't take her anywhere.

On Friday on the Today show, vulgar Hillary Clinton supporter Lena Dunham got a lesson in what it means to be a lady and proved she can’t go anywhere without causing a scene.

Guest host Maria Shriver simply wanted to talk about Dunham’s final season of her HBO series Girls but in typical progressive fashion, Dunham had to ruin a morning family show. Shriver said she had seen a few episodes of the season and was polite by saying “It looks terrific,” to which Dunham jumped on the chance to say, “You saw a penis, right?”

And that was all it took to shut down the entire segment. 

Shriver was so embarrassed, and unsure if you could say that word on air, she couldn’t go on. She tried asking Matt Lauer who was standing by for help, but he was trying to stay out of it and could only mutter, “What?!” and shake his head.

“I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry,” Dunham said, joking that she’s “going out with a bang” and probably never coming back.

Shriver lowered the boom and reminded that the older generation has way more class than the new:

“See, that’s the difference between the generations. I wasn’t brought up talking like that.”

“You’ve said penis before,” Dunham retorted incredulously and then got up thinking they had cut the segment. But they hadn’t. Shriver told her they were still on the air and still saying that word.

It was a complete disaster. Of course, Dunham loved it, saying, “I’m thrilled at what just happened here.”

Later, Dunham appeared on E! News saying the fact that she could throw Shriver off with that word was definitely her definition of “going out on a high note” and proceeded to explain that Shriver was “lucky” she only said “penis,” which is  “extremely tame,” she admitted because normally, her vocabulary includes words like “c***” and “p***y.”

Watch below. She’s, like, just so much more, like, sophisticated than these, like, stuffy old people who “perpetuate a sense of shame” by not using the anatomically correct words:


H/T Free Beacon