Lena Dunham Loves Mary Tyler Moore...Who Rejected Modern Feminism

“I knew I was a Mary."

When not baring her nakedness on HBO or using President Trump as a target to vent her daddy issues, actress Lena Dunham loves to remind everyone of two things: 1) she loves abortion; 2) she’s a feminist.

Her recent piece for The New Yorker praising the late Mary Tyler Moore demonstrates the latter. It has only one problem: Moore rejected modern feminism. 

Throughout the article, Dunham cites everything she “learned” from the television icon -- except this important lesson:

“I believed, and still do, that women have a very major role to play as mothers,” Moore said in 2013 when rejecting Steinem’s invitation to become a feminist. “It’s very necessary for them to be with their children. That’s not what Gloria Steinem was saying. She was saying you can do everything and you owe it to yourself to have a career. I really didn’t believe that.”

This stands in direct contrast to Dunham ripping her clothes off at every turn and posting nude photos with her Girls co-stars to promote abortion. 

When speaking about her rise to become a TV star, Dunham concluded her piece, saying, “I knew I was a Mary. There are lots of us.”

Dunham did not explain whether Mary would approve of this: