Lawyers Seek Emergency Injunction to Free Kentucky Clerk

On Monday, attorneys for Kim Davis, the Kentucky county clerk who was jailed for refusing to issue marriage licenses, filed an emergency injunction with a federal court to have her released from prison. The filing also seeks to have Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear accommodate Davis' "religious conviction" and not compel her to issue same-sex marriage licenses, said the Liberty Council in a statement. 

"The motion requests an injunction pending appeal for an exemption from the Governor's mandate that all county clerks issue marriage licenses," the statement said.

Davis' lawyer Harry Mihet told CBS News correspondent Jericka Duncan that there is a "win-win" solution that would make everyone happy. "That solution is for the court or the State of Kentucky to remove Kim Davis' name off of the marriage licenses and to allow someone other than her to sign these licenses that do not bear her name," he said.

Davis was put in jail last week when she continued to refuse to issue marriage licenses -- all marriage licenses -- following the Supreme Court ruling.

"God's moral law conflicts with my job duties," she told U.S. District Judge David Bunning. "You can't be separated from something that's in your heart and in your soul."

The judge said he had no other choice but to jail her, since fining her for refusing to issue the marriage licenses would not compel her to do so.