Keith Ellison: 'Muslim Ban' is 'Un-American'

Says the Muslim Brotherhood shill.

Congressman Keith Ellison, the Muslim Brotherhood shill and radical leftist who is the most likely candidate to lead the Democratic Party, said on CBS’ Face the Nation Sunday that President Trump‘s new executive order halting immigration from a handful of Middle Eastern countries clearly is a ban on Muslims, contrary to the evidence.

As noted by Mediaite, Trump's order merely puts a temporary ban on U.S. entry on refugees and seven nations that either are terrorist states themselves or harbor terrorists; those nations also happen to be predominantly Muslim, and Ellison pounced on that to insist that “We’ve never had a religious-based ban before. And they can’t deny that this is a Muslim ban––it is a Muslim ban.”

Actually, no. Dozens of other predominantly Muslim nations are not on the list. Ellison, himself a Muslim, is simply a demagogue attempting to play the Islamophobia card.

Ellison claimed that it’s “un-American” to refuse Syrian refugees into the United States.

You know what's un-American? The Muslim Brotherhood. Sharia law. Jihad. Weakening national security. Exposing American citizens to further acts of Islamic terrorism. The radical left. Look in the mirror, Congressman.

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