Jim Acosta Accosted on Twitter, Gets Hilariously Songified Over Immigration

“Sweet Home Havana”

Hopefully, you watched yesterday as CNN’s Jim Acosta get a harsh reality check on U.S. history and immigration law by senior White House advisor Stephen Miller. If not, click here. For those of you who did watch it and need another round of enjoyment, keep reading. The thrashing of Acosta continued on Twitter Thursday as users turned his whiny interruptions at the press conference into song.

At Wednesday’s press briefing, Acosta clashed with Miller over President Trump’s merit-based immigration plan that would prioritize highly skilled immigrants who speak English. Claiming himself a son of a Cuban immigrant, Acosta recited a poem attributed to the Statue of Liberty but confused it as federal law in the process. Thankfully, Miller educated him on the facts and embarrassed the leftist shill by exposing his "cosmopolitan bias."

And with that, Acosta became a meme in the hashtag, #SongAJimAcosta. Below are the best of the best. Feel free to add your own in the comments!