Jews Number One Target in Toronto Hate Crimes, Muslims Last

Interesting, n’est-ce pas?

According to police in Toronto, Canada, hate crimes rose sharply in 2016 and crimes motivated by religion are the highest in 10 years. The Jewish community has been most affected.

The chart (above) shows 30% of the attacks were anti-Semitic, followed by attacks against the LGBT community, blacks, and then Muslims.

Police say incidents rose eight percent in 2016 to 145 reported crimes, up from 134 in the year prior. Attacks motivated by religion accounted for 46% of those reported. Thirty percent of those attacks were aimed at Jews.

A police spokesperson for the Toronto Police department offered no “firm answer” on why anti-Semitism is on the rise in the city.

“I think we look at a number of factors when trying to evaluate the trends that occur with hate crimes, whether those are international incidents that are happening all over the world or whether its local incidents that are happening,” she said.

Meanwhile, Canada’s progressive government, which prizes multiculturalism, has opened the country to swaths of Islamic refugees. But no mention of that new phenomenon by police.

At the same time that crimes are up, arrests are down slightly from 2015, down to 11 from 19. 

680 News reports:

The three most reported criminal offences motivated by hate were mischief to property, assault and criminal harassment. The Jewish community saw the most cases of vandalism; physical assaults happen more often in the LGBTQ community; while the Muslim community was the most victimized group for criminal harassment.

In one picture taken from a local news report shows one instance of graffiti on a Toronto synagogue which states, “Islam will rule” accented with a swastika:

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