Jaws Dropped: 'This Is the New America'

Israeli analysts "expressed shock and amazement" after President Obama expressed openness to lifting all sanctions against Iran and all but acquiesced to Russia's plan to deliver sophisticated air defense system to the rogue nation, the Times of Israel reported.

'Jaws dropped' around the studio, said the Channel 10 News diplomatic commentator Ben Caspit, as news broke of Obama’s declared empathy for Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision to supply Tehran with the S-300 missile defense system.

'Obama is something else,' Caspit added. 'He’s decided to take America out of the wars…'

The station’s news anchor, Alon Ben David, chipped in, 'He’s amazed that the Russians honored an agreement with him [for this long]? That’s what is astonishing.'

Responded Caspit, 'This is the new America. We had better get used to it.'

The TV station also reported, citing senior Israeli diplomatic officials, that stopping the coming U.S.-Iran deal is no longer likely. “The Iran issue is finished,” the officials were quoted saying.

As Obama caved, Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu telephoned Vladimir Putin to dissuade him from arming Iran, to no avail.