What the Left Won't Tell You: Wounded Syrians Treated in Israel 'Overwhelmed With Gratitude'

An inconvenient truth.

These are the real-life accounts and true story of Israel that the mainstream media won't tell you -- that the Left won't tell you. 

An in-depth interview with the deputy surgeon general of the Israel Defense Forces Medical Corps reveals that a growing number of wounded Syrians are seeking treatment in Israeli medical facilities. What's more, they are "overwhelmed with gratitude." 

"At first, they were afraid to be treated by Israelis, whom they were taught their whole lives are their worst enemies," Col. Dr. Tarif Bader told Algemeiner, "but once they began to accept our medical help, they became overwhelmed with gratitude and their entire attitude towards us changed."

The IDF has set up field hospitals along the Syrian border and also offers treatment at official hospitals and medical centers in the northern part of the country. 

Wounded Syrians who have crossed the border into Israel are receiving top-notch medical care. According to the report, they are surprised by how well they are being treated. Clearly, the reality about Israelis proves vastly different from the indoctrination they received their entire lives:

Bader claimed that it is by word of mouth that more and more Syrians have begun to seek Israeli assistance. “Even those who were fearful and suspicious of Israelis initially took the risk of taking our medical help because it was either that or dying a certain death. So, rather than choosing to die on Syrian soil, they opted to try to be rescued by Israeli doctors. But every single one of them returns to Syria feeling extremely grateful and telling us so,” he said.

The IDF has been treating Syrians injured in the country's civil war since 2013 "without selection or prying into their ethnic background or side in the conflict." Dr. Bader maintains this fact simply reflects Israeli values and ethics: 

“But this is in keeping with what we teach our teams in the military medical academy: that their job is to treat all injured people, regardless of who they are, and the only thing they have to do in primary triage is to treat those with the most serious injuries first, including if they are terrorists,” he said.

Still, he said, even those who live near the border can be coming from a few miles away. He recounted the story of a mother who carried her five-year-old child – with a partially amputated limb – by herself, on foot, for two miles to reach the field hospital.

Dr. Bader is also engaged in a lecture tour across the U.S. where he speaks about the IDF's various missions including those in Nepal in 2015 and Haiti in 2010. He told Algemeiner that “it is very important for the world to know that we do not have special teams for the Syrians" and that "the same staff, aircraft, ambulances and medical supplies that we use for our own soldiers and civilians are provided for the Syrians."

"This is the IDF’s approach to any person in need of care ...There are no special wards for the Syrians. They lie side-by-side with Israeli patients ... I don’t ask patients if they’re Muslim, Christian or Druze. I’m there to help them, regardless of who they are."

Of course this is an inconvenient truth for Leftists who try to vilify Israel at every turn as a racist country bent on violating human rights. Israelis know the truth, however. As Dr. Bader pointed out, many of the Syrians his team has treated were at first surprised to learn what Israelis are really like. 

"Whoever they are, they are always grateful and usually surprised to discover what we Israelis are really like," he told Algemeiner.

"One guy I talked to before he went back to Syria said he was so ashamed that he used to think of Israelis as the enemy. He said that when he saw the hospitality and professionalism with which he was greeted, he changed his whole outlook. So much so that he actually said, ‘If I had the possibility to raise the Israeli flag on top of my house, I would do it.'"

Tell that to the Left.